Guardian’s service level audits are completed by on-site and management support staff on a consistent, continual basis.

Regular polling of existing customers on key service quality indicators is conducted on a routine basis. The data collected is tracked by category and regularly reviewed for improvement process and quality initiatives. A typical service-driven review consists of:

Guardian’s service focus is in process review and continuous improvement. With the help of various improvements, input and customer surveys, we adjust our site mission, focus and planning to positively influence the service you receive.

A key element in our service approach is flexibility. With ever changing markets, environments, conditions and economics, Guardian understands the need for flexible and creative programs that swiftly address the issues.

Our quality planning has helped us identify where we will position our company and how we will accomplish our goals. It is the starting place for both our new identity and continuing commitment to remain the solutions and products suppliers to our industry and its customers.

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